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Is There An Easier, Safer Way To Checkout?

Updated: Mar 1

The "Frictionless Customer Experience" being offered in Ireland.


Technology accessible to all, improving the customer journey.

Improving the customer journey in store is an ongoing priority for retailers, made more pertinent with the current need to avoid bottlenecks and overcrowding, particularly at the checkout.

Technology to the rescue, of course, so long as its paired with quality store layout and vibrant, but clear messaging. Below, a short look into the “Frictionless Customer Experience” transforming the front end of stores in Tesco Ireland, delivered by ALS.

The rise of “Scan As You Shop” and “Click & Collect” type services in a Covid world have become more useful than we could have imagined. It provides reassurance to the shopper that they are in control over the amount of interaction they are comfortable with. But for technology to work, it must be accessible.

Red means go.

The redesigned front-end package, rolling out across stores, consists of a new dedicated Scan As You Shop payment area, coloured in Tesco’s striking red. Featuring accessible height, card-only checkouts, allowing all customers to pay for their shopping quickly and effortlessly.

In fact, everything to do with Scan As You Shop in store has received the red makeover, from the multi-sided bank of hand scanners, to the low-level wall that gently guides shoppers to the exclusive feeling payment area.

Fully refurbished on site, colour coded zones are now in place throughout the front end, to help shoppers to navigate to their preferred method of checkout.

Traditional options receiving love.

“Blue Zones” are for the standard manned checkouts, that allow the customer to complete their purchases in the traditional fashion. The blue wrap and new branding on the checkouts really make them stand out for customers. Complete with overhead signage and social distancing reminders on the floor.

In recent years, anthracite grey has become the in-trend colour for food retailers and their furniture. Unsurprising, with its timeless look that gives any piece of bulky tech a sleek and slimming feel. Its used to great effect on the Self Scans.

A blend of Card Only and cash accepting Self Service Checkouts, refurbished and neatly aligned with Covid screens in between, offering a happy medium between traditional checkouts and Scan As You Shop.

Its all about giving the customer clarity of options, and more importantly, control. Reducing the queues at the checkouts is not only good for the retailer, but for the mental and even physical health of the customers and staff.

Look out for the Frictionless Customer Experience layout in Dundrum, and other stores in Ireland coming soon.

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